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'Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book' - Tom Pride 

this is beautiful

Get your printer on parents, I’ve got some fun activities for the little’ns.


Benedict Cumberbatch and John Malkovich at the Penguins of Madagascar Dreamworks panel


Benedict Cumberbatch being interviewed by Joshua Horowitz for MTV

I tried forming a gang once but it turned into a book club.

Ram Danielle (ramsterrrr)

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I’ve always been the easy kill. #selfie #girl #blackandwhite #soundtrack #jimmyeatworld

I’ve always been the easy kill. #selfie #girl #blackandwhite #soundtrack #jimmyeatworld

I want to have a calm and rational discussion about where things changed, where it went wrong but I know that can’t happen :(

Is it a reflection of me that at the beginning he would make the effort to see me for an hour before work and near the end I couldn’t even sleep at his before he had work…?

I feel like he got bored of me, that I drove him away :(

Maybe it’s just me

But I find sometimes it’s harder to grieve over a break-up than a death because the other person is alive, they can be reached but you’re forcing yourself not to contact them, meanwhile feeling worse because they’re not contacting you and you’re telling yourself it’s because you mean nothing to them when they might in actuality be finding it just as hard as you.

I miss him so much :(

Deep in thought right now.

Thanks to The Fault In Our Stars. I’m morose and melancholy.

Haven’t cried over a book like that since I read The Time-traveler’s Wife.